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Highest Results

Stable profit growth regardless despite fluctuations of crypto exchange rates.

Combining all the best qualities, Spot Group Limited has created a unique project that provides a promising allocation of funds in order to obtain high income. Earn with the team of successful investors.

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Guarantee of Success

The maximum quality of the project and the best investment results

Invest in proven tools and be guaranteed to receive passive dividends, isn't this the goal of all investors? Together with Spot Group Limited, you will receive daily income to your account from the very first day of investing.

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Fast transactions
Multicurrency operations
Company's open stats

Activity of the company

The main activity of the company is aimed at obtaining maximum profit within the primary spheres of the economy
Cryptocurrency trading

Trading is conducted on specialized trading platforms with the most famous and reliable cryptocurrencies. This type of activity brings the company 40% of profit and is among the least risky ones, as the trades are conducted with several currency pairs at once.

Token trading

Spot Group Limited trades tokens in the markets provided by the OKEx Exchange. Trading tokens is unique in its own way, if you compare it with traditional "fiat money / token" trading. The annual income makes 20%.

Cryptocurrency trading
Investments volume $ 1 248 324.48
Securities trading

In case of market volatility, investing in companies that are more resilient to changes is used as insurance to avoid possible risks and losses. In other words trading in financial markets provides more accurate allocation of funds and stable income of 30%.

Bitcoin CME, CBOE futures

The initial margin, which is considered to be the futures price, can be only 10-15% of the transaction amount. In this case, the effect of "leverage" appears, and the company obtains the opportunity to get a relatively large income with small investments, which brings the company 10% of profit.

Numbers speak for themselves

Growth of company's profit

Spot Group Limited provides not only the possibility of passive and safe earnings, but also the opportunity to learn more about the explosive popularity of the cryptocurrency, its unique capabilities and prospects that it offers for all who decide to use it. Investing in cryptocurrency is like investing in the future itself.

  • Growth of profit in the cryptocurrency trading sphere made 124%
  • Growth of profit in the securities trading sphere made 78%
  • Growth of profit in the sphere of trading on stock exchanges made 56%
  • Growth of profit in the sphere of Forex trading made 44%
Overall growth in all areas of the company's activities

Latest News

Christmas News

Summing up the financial results, we are happy to inform you that our company is developing rapidly. The key to our success is our team, which is constantly working on minimization of risks along with a stable growth of the company. Our entire team is trying its best...

12/08/2018 00:00
​The Got apple? contest has started!

The "Got apple?" contest has started! We're happy to welcome our leaders from all over the world! It's time for our first large-scale competition named "Got apple?". From September 17 to October 17, all active leaders of our company will participate in the race for u...

09/17/2018 00:00
Global development 2018

Hi, dear partners and investors of Spot Group! Our project is available to everyone, anywhere in the world and on any device. We shall provide a maximum comfort for using the system in your native language! With the influx of our friends from Vietnam, we have introdu...

09/13/2018 00:00
The first official video message of the CEO of Spot Group and promo pages

Greetings, dear investors! Today, especially for you, the CEO of the Company has recorded a video message to share with you the news from the life of the company. What we really want to tell is that our global investment project has been successfully developed and ou...

09/06/2018 00:00
Openness in all respects

Openness in all respects is that feature of running our business many companies lack in our time. And today we will become even closer to each other. Welcome, dear investor! My name is Jack Garcia, I am the CEO of SpotGroup. We and our team have prepared for you a sp...

08/27/2018 07:35
Global development

Starting from today each partner of Spot Group Company can establish an information office. Here are the requirements for office establishment: 1) Total turnover more than 35 000$.  2) At least 15 active partners in the structure, at least 5 of which from the sa...

08/16/2018 00:00
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Spot Group Team

Jack Garcia CEO Director of the Spot Group Limited company
Donavan O’Conor PR Manager, Principal Director of advertising and marketing
Stjepo Dankowicach Technical Director of cybersecurity
Silvia Bernandesku Director of Clients Department, Finance Department
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